Moving to the Dance – or –

Service Culture and Community Care

“. . .  services face a dilemma. They need to intervene, but their helping hand may petrify what it touches.They try to create what is ordinary, but the act of creation is a contrivance.”

It’s old.  It’s odd. And yet it has important things to say about the failings of the social care system.  For example, Moving to the Dance offers answers to questions like these:

  1. • Why do social care services struggle so much – and usually with such little success – to help people become more socially included?

  2. • Why is it that those rare agencies and teams which do work successfully with communities are so often oppressed or closed down?

  3. • Why hasn’t person-centred planning proved effective as a tool to deliver widespread change in services (as opposed to some great changes for a few people)?

And particularly –

  1. • Why are government efforts to stimulate the growth of ‘The Big Society’ almost certainly doomed?

The online version of Moving to the Dance has only now been made available, with the kind permission of the original publisher, Values Into Action.

Click here to access/download  Moving to the Dance


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Moving to the Dance

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