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Support Plan CostingTemplate

When we deliver the NDTi training course for independent brokers we find that people learning to work as brokers - and often quickly gaining confidence - suddenly look worried  about the business of costing a support plan.    In truth there isn’t anything very complicated or skilled  in working out the costs: basically, figure out all the items that will require funds, then work out what each will cost each time, and then multiply each one by the number of times it will be needed in the period covered.

However, some people still get fazed by the need to do these sums. So here, to help, is the Support Plan Costing Template.   It’s simply an Excel spreadsheet with separate areas for different kinds of costs, and different rates, with the calculations built in.   All you have to do is enter the figures and the spreadsheet will do the rest.  The template is designed to cover fairly complex plans - for example with up to ten different activities/support  in a weekly programme, plus set-up, occasional, and contingency costs. It also allows the entry of other funds that will offset the size of the Personal Budget.

Please note that it’s offered with no guarantees (if you find flaws I’d be pleased to know) and should not be taken to imply national or local or national policies on Personal Budgets.  For example, the inclusion of contingency costs doesn’t mean that any particular council will regard them as legitimate.

The template includes a set of pages which explain how to use it.

You’re welcome to download, use, and pass on the Template, though I’d appreciate it if you’d mention where you got it.  If you are planning to distribute or use it in a more systematic way - e.g. to a work team or to an online forum - it would be nice to hear from you before you do it.

Download the Template here.

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