Welcome to The Little Brook website

This is the online home of Steve Dowson, who is amongst other things a consultant, writer, and trainer on social care issues.

The site is at an early stage of development.  For the moment it provides a place to hold and access a range of documents and other resources.   In particular -

  1. documents concerned with individualised funding (in UK terminology, “personal budgets” and Direct Payments) and support brokerage

  2. the beginnings of a page of resources that may be useful to people working as brokers

  3. a new (November 2010) online edition of the paper Moving to the Dance – or – Service Culture and Community Care.  Although this is an old and unusual publication, its analysis of the inability of government and formal services to work constructively with the community is highly relevant to the Big Society agenda.

  4. a summary of Steve Dowson’s professional background and areas of expertise.

If you’d like to contact me to for further informationor discussion, please email enquiries@thelittlebrook.co.uk

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